Moroccan Tribes
Moroccan Tribes


Map of Moroccan Tribes

Carte du Maroc Tribe Chaouia Tribe Doukkala Tribe Rhamna Tribe Abda Tribe Ahmar Tribe Chiadma Tribe Ouled Bou Sbaa Tribe Haha Tribe Ida Outanae Tribe M'touga Tribe Guich Tribe Sraghna Tribe Beni Meskine Tribe Zamrane Tribe Zaer Tribe Beni Khirane Tribe Ouardigha Tribe Beni Amir Tribe Anetifa Tribe Beni Moussa Tribe Ait Bouzid Tribe Ait Abbas Tribe Ait Roboa Tribe  Beni Zemmour Ait Attab Ait Messat Tribe Reguibat Tribe Ouled Delime Tribe Tekna Tribe Ait Oussa Tribe Ait Nasse Tribe Ait Jmel Tribe Azwafit Tribe Ait Ahmed Tribe Lakhssasse Tribe Ait Baamrane Tribe Ahl Sahel Tribe Ait Brahim Tribe Ait Jerare Tribe Ait Rekha Tribe Ahl Ifrane Tribe Mejjate Tribe Ait Harbil Tribe Ait Mribte Tribe Tamanarte Tribe Ahl Aglo Tribe Ahl Tiznite Tribe Ait Maadar Tribe Ahl Massa Tribe Ida Oultite Tribe Ait Abdallah Tribe Ait Ouafqa Tribe Ighchane Tribe Ait Ali Tribe Ammeln Tribe Doudrare Tribe Chtouka Tribe Ksima Tribe Mesguina Tribe Haouara Tribe Helala Tribe Iberkaken Tribe Issafen Tribe Ida Ou zekri Tribe Indouzal Tribe Guettioua Tribe Ouled Yahya Tribe Erguita Tribe Ait Iggas Tribe Ida Ou Zeddarh Tribe Lamnabha Tribe Ida Ou Finis Tribe Ida Ou Zeddoute Tribe Asa Tribe Ida Ou Kensouss Tribe Tagmoute Tribe Ahl Tata Tribe Ida Ou Blal Tribe Jellal Tribe Ait Tissinnt Tribe El Feija Tribe Ida Ou Nadif Tribe Arghen Tribe Indaouzal Tribe Rahhala Tribe Ait Semmeg Tribe Ounein Tribe Ouzioua Tribe Souktana Tribe Ait Atta Mhamid Tribe Ait Sedrate Tribe Ait Sedrate Tribe Ait Atta Tribe Ait Yafelmane Tribe Ait Soukhmane Tribe Ait Seri Tribe Ait Yahya Tribe Ichkern Tribe Ait Seghrouchen Tribe Ait Seghrouchen Tribe Ait Seghrouchen Immozar Tribe Zayane Tribe Ait Sgougou Tribe Beni Mguild Tribe Guerouane Tribe Beni M'tir Tribe Chourfa Kasabi Tribe Beni Ourain Tribe Yazgha Tribe Ait Seghrouchen de Sidi Ali Tribe Alaham Tribe Marmoucha Tribe Ait Youb Tribe Ahl Missour Tribe Ouled Khaoua Tribe Ait Youssi Tribe Beni Guil Tribe Ouled El Haj Tribe Beni Mathar Tribe Ouled Bou Chnafa Tribe Ouled Md Ben Ahmed Tribe Ouled Yakoub Tribe Ahl Debdou Tribe Beni Fechat Tribe Ouled Aamour Tribe Ouled Bkhiti Tribe Mehaya Tribe Beni Yala Tribe Angade Tribe Zkara Tribe Ech-Chaja Tribe Beni Bouzeggou Tribe Oued Za Tribe Beni Oukil Tribes de Taourirt Tribe Ouled Rahou Tribe Haouara Lahlafe Tribe Beni Snassen Tribe Ida Ouziki Tribe Ida Ouzal Tribe Damssira Tribe Ida Oumahmoud Tribe Nfifa Tribe Seksaoua Tribe Mzouda Tribe Guedmioua Tribe Ogdemt Tribe Frouga Tribe Ouled Mtaa Tribe El Arabe Tribe Sektana Tribe Ouazguita Tribe Goundafa Tribe Rhirhaya Tribe Ourika Tribe Mesfioua Tribe Touggana Tribe Glaoua Tribe Ghoujdama Tribe Ftouaka Tribe Oultana Tribe Ait Bougmez Tribe Ait Bou Iknifen Tribe Ihanesalen Tribe Mgouna Tribe Ait Atta Msoufa Tribe Zenaga Tribe Tiite Tribe Ahl Zguid Tribe Ahl Hamidi Tribe Ouled Yahya Tribe Imeghrane Tribe Ouaouzguite Tribe Beni Ahsen Tribe Zemmour Tribe Beni Malek Tribe Setta Tribe Chrarda Tribe Hejaoua Tribe Ouled Aissa Tribe Mejjate Gharb Tribe Arabe Sais Tribe Oudaya Tribe Cheraga Tribe Ouled Jam Tribe Lemta Tribe Hamyan Tribe Seja Tribe Ouled Haj Oued Tribe Ait Sadden Tribe Hyayna Tribe Meziate Tribe Reghioua Tribe Sanhaja Mesbah Tribe Rhiyata Tribe Tsoul Tribe Brans Tribe Sanhaja Ghedou Tribe Meknassa Tribe Meghraoua Tribe  Fahs Tribe Anjera Tribe Haouz Tribe Ouadras Tribe Beni Mezouar Tribe Jbel Habib Tribe Gharbia Tribe Sahel Tribe Beni Gourfet Tribe Khlout Tribe Safiane Tribe Ahl Sarsar Tribe Masmouda Tribe Ahl Raboa Tribe Rehouna Tribe Ahl Serif Tribe Soumetta Tribe Beni Arous Tribe Ait Ider Tribe Ait Leit Tribe Beni Houzmar Tribe Beni Said Tribe Beni Hassan Tribe Ait Isef Tribe Beni Zekar Tribe Akhmas Tribe Ghezaoua Tribe Mestara Tribe Ghomara Tribe Beni Ahmed Tribe Beni Zeroual Tribe Mesguilda Tribe Fechtala Tribe Ait Ouariaghel Tribe Sales Tribe Jiai Tribe Mezraoua Tribe Kabdana Tribe Ouled Stoute Tribe Guelaya Tribe ait bouyahyi Tribe metalsesa Tribe Gheznaya Tribe Beni Ouariaghel Tribe Ait Said Tribe Ketama Tribe Mtioua de l'outa Tribe Ait Bouchebet Tribe Bousslama Tribe Fenassa Tribe Beni Oulid Tribe Beni Ounsel Tribe Marnissa Tribe Ait Bechir Tribe Ait Ammarte Tribe Mtioua Tribe Mestassa Tribe Sanhaja Tribe Ait Touzine Tribe Tafariste Tribe Tamsamane Tribe Ait Oulichek Tribe Bokoia Tribe Targuiste Tribe Ait Ittef Tribe Ait Boufrah Tribe Beni Gmil Tribe Pachalik Tribe Ait Morrhi Tribe Chrarda Tribe Bhalil Tribe Ouled Haj de Sas Tribe Ait Ayache

Tribes map

Tribe in Morocco

Although the tribe was officially replaced by the rural community, which is the first administrative network of Moroccan society, it is nevertheless the natural surroundings of rural life. In fact the tribe was, for centuries the center of the political, economic and social Morocco.

The tribe is a group of several human families with a common eponymous ancestor or not, under the authority of a chief and a given territory.

Unlike the European feudal system based on seignurie (the land belongs to the lord), the tribal system is more equitable in that each tribe has its own allocated territory collectively owned and private (personal). In order to have the right to pasture or passing on a cross the territory, the agreement ahead of the tribe is concerned indisponsable, sometimes the payment of tribute is required (in the tribe mzrag Zemmour ).

 les chefs des tribus jurant fidlit au sultan
tribal leaders swear allegiance
to the Sultan Moulay Hassan I, 1892

Tribes by area

Gherb tribes
Tadla tribes
Atlas tribes
high-Atlas tribes
Jebala tribes Souss tribes Atlantic tribes Sahara tribes
Eastern tribesRif tribes ancient tribes Arabic & Berber tribes

 Mohammed V
Mohammed V and his royal guard

Origin of the tribes

The tribes of Morocco is divided into two broad categories

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